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301 North Kankakee Street, Wilmington, IL  60481

     “For God so loved the world that He gave his only Son”

To PRAISE and GLORIFY  Him for all the good gifts we receive.   

 To aid one another and all peoples throughout the whole of the Earth by sharing those good gifts.

 To display an understanding of others all the while standing on the firm foundation of Faith.

 To seek mysteries wherever they reside for the benefit of His people, always acknowledging His authorship.

 To understand our human weakness, yet resolutely seek to be as was  His son; perfect in Love, a peacemaker, a healer, and a teacher.

    What's Happening...

                                                                                        Its  2023...

                                                            Easter Sunday........

                                                            Resurrection Sunday.    His appearance was like lightning, and 

                                                           his clothes were white as snow.  "He is not here"; he has risen, 

                                                            Just like he said.             He has risen!  Alleluia!         

March 26, 2023 Jessica and Amber will do a meditation "Gratitude"

April 2, 2023 Amber and Jess will do the palm Sunday service

April 9, 2023 Easter service (Resurrection Sunday) There will be a special Cantata to praise the risen Christ

April 16,, 2023 Pastor Connie will be here to lead our service

Fellowship after worship services

Come and join us.

We will be having pulpit suppliers coming in.

10:30 Worship

11:30 Fellowship

Monthly Events


Food Drive

So please drop items in the container at the door inside the church when you come in.

To proclaim the GOOD news of the Bible, that our risen Lord is ALIVE and wants to have a relationship with each of us, His children.