Facilities Use

Facilities Use Policy

Requests for use

  1. Requests must be made in writing on the request form.

  2. Requests should be made three weeks in advance.

  3. Requests must be approved by the Session or the pastor.

  4. The Session reserves the right to deny any use that is deemed improper.

Limits on use

  1. The sanctuary shall be kept as a sanctuary for worship or religious services only.

  2. The building may not be used before 1 p.m. on Sunday.

  3. The building must always be vacated by 11 p.m. except for special occasions with Session approval.

  4. There shall be no alcoholic beverages served in any part of the church.

  5. Facilities may not be used for profit-making purposes.

Your Responsibilities

  • The individual in charge of the group is responsible for the building and shall see that the group conducts itself in an orderly manner and that nothing detrimental happens to the building or its contents.

  • Chairs and tables must be replaced in their original position, and the hall must be left in as clean a condition as it was found.

  • All lights, heat, and water shall be checked and turned off including washrooms.

  • Report malfunctions of equipment, lights, water, stove, etc. immediately to the office, pastor, or Session.

  • The person in charge will be responsible for any damage.

Funeral Dinners:

Please consult the United Presbyterian Women's Association for funeral dinner arrangements. Contact information available through the secretary.


· Flowers: It is up to the bridal party to arrange for any flowers that are to be used. If flowers are to be delivered to the church, make arrangements so that someone will be here to receive them. If flowers are to be left for Sunday service, be sure to inform the office secretary so proper credit can be given. Live floral arrangements must then be removed by Tuesday.

· Aisle runner: If an aisle runner is to be used, it is your responsibility to see that it is removed immediately after the service.

· Candelabra: The church has two candelabras that hold seven candles each. You may use them, but you must purchase dripless candles to use in them from the church office. These are the ONLY candles that can be used in the Sanctuary. Expect fees for these candles to range between $50 and $100, which is based upon market price.

· Marking of pews: Masking tape or light gauge florist wire is the ONLY approved material for attaching ribbons, bows, or any other decorations.

· Rice: No rice, confetti, birdseed, etc. is to be thrown in the church! No rice or confetti is to be thrown outside the church on church property.

Birdseed can be thrown outside but sidewalks and stairs must be cleaned by the bridal party.

· Photography: No flash pictures will be taken during the service. They can be taken during the processional and recessional. Photographers are asked to check with the minister prior to the service.

· When making arrangements to set up your wedding, coordinate decorating, deliveries, etc. with regular church office hours. While we understand that your wedding is an important day, you need to understand that the church staff has many other duties that must be attended to and will not always be available during regular office hours.

Our Kitchen

General Rules:

1. Follow the rules.

2. Leave the kitchen as you found it. Our attendant will check.

3. Use things only for the designated purpose.

4. Clean everything before it's put away.

5. Put everything that has been used away.

6. Turn off everything, especially the oven and stove.

Children and Youth Groups:

1. Children must be supervised! Kids cannot be left alone in the kitchen.

2. The adult in charge is responsible for the kitchen's condition when you leave.

We would like to thank you for your help and cooperation in this matter. If we all pull together, it will help to make our kitchen a much nicer place.

Thanks again!


$100 To be paid to minister: for counseling and ceremony

To be paid to the organist Fees set by Approved Organist (for rehearsal and ceremony)

To be paid to the church for Non-members

  • Use of Sanctuary $150.00

  • Use of Fellowship Hall $150.00

  • Security deposit (see below) $50.00

Special policies for weddings apply, see below

Security deposit applied to Sanctuary fees.

Provide 3 separate checks: Church; Minister: Organist

Fees to be paid at least 2 weeks in advance.

Organist to be approved by Session.